First Matching Platform of V4 First Responders

During the V4 initiative’s meeting on February 21st, 2024,  in Bratislava, partners discussed what should be included in the communication matching tool. A one-day consultative workshop resulted in a partnership agreement on a set of support tools for organizations, including checklists and staff evaluation forms, to be added to the first-ever V4 matching tool.

These tools aim to improve partnerships and professionalism among actors in disaster response in the V4 group area. The following functionalities and qualification support tools were agreed upon:

  • A set of rapid response instruction protocols
  • Checklists available for members with proven professional experience
  • Self-evaluation forms for staff members with proven qualification profiles (to be developed in detail)
  • A set of networking and community activities, such as newsletters, events, webinars, and training activities
  • A way to ask organizations to keep their profile updated; volunteers can call each registered organization and conduct a facilitated interview
  • Qualification profiles will be registered by each organisation and presented on the platform.

They will then undergo a lengthy self-qualification procedure, followed by required training, qualification, and organisational process changes. In the event of need, a platform member can contact a partner and request a partnership, participation in a joint event or project action, or a rapid response request. The latter will be accompanied by a form for a detailed presentation of the organization in the respective field of expertise.

The profile questionnaire will be separated from the checklists and instruction protocols concerning organization values, monitoring, assessment, and response approach. Members of the V4 action will be trained to deliver learning and instruction activities to other organizations and volunteers. Members of the platform Rapid Response Teams will be invited to join any of the qualification support training activities related to the transfer of general quality approach of first responders, ensuring partners are aware of basic rules of conduct, profiles, and responsibilities of actors, and ensuring interoperability in future joint actions of response. Our non-formal platform will generate opportunities for developing such activities and strengthening the synergies of non-state actors and their preparedness, communication, monitoring, and response skills.