Communication Protocols for First Responders in V4

During the October meeting in Lesna, Slovakia, communication protocols and interoperability were discussed as essential for the professional response of first responders from the V4.

The meeting was attended by three organizations from Slovakia, namely the Association of Samaritans of the Slovak Republic, the Society Development Institute, and the Mountain Rescue Services of Volunteers in the region of Pienini. Other attendees included the Migration Office of Slovakia, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Ostrava University of Mining, and the Crisis Management and Emergency Planning, Olomouc Region Fire and Rescue Service.

Participants focused on the existing types of education and preparation for first responders in different European countries, sharing their experiences in crisis response situations and emphasizing the importance of humanitarian principles such as exposure and vulnerability. The partners agreed to develop a communication protocol for shared data collection during evolving events based on standards, technology, competence, and responsibilities.

Common protocols of conduct in monitoring, communication, coordinated response, and humanitarian aid distribution will be shared to ensure better cohesion among organizations.